Re: Bard books on a thumb drive and other matters


Try 150 or more and still more books in my pc. As file folders. Whoa.
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On 9/27/2015 1:22 PM, Jim Wohlgamuth wrote:

Hi there BETH!
I have a thumb drive with 42 books on it and the books seem to be organized by author's last names.  I have one set of around 12 books by one author another set of three and several other sets of varying sizes which are grouped by author's last name.  It seems that the player did the organizing since I did nothing to change or re-arrange the books.  The really strange thing is though that I still have better than 2/3 of the disk left.  Just thought I would let you know.  Have a GREAT DAY! de
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On 26-Sep-15 20:28, Beth wrote:
Hi, all.
How many of you have Bard books on a thumb drive plugged in to a player from NLS? Also, how do the books get ordered? Is it by DB number? Or author's last name? I wish it was by author's last name because really, I hate out of order books. Ugh.

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