Re: I can't get windows media player to burn disks in my W8.1 computer.

chris miles

Jim Rawls wrote:

/I used to use windows media player in my W7 computer and it worked fine. Now in 8.1 it doesn’t burn disks at all. Here is what I do and have done in the past. /

/1 move the file to the drive to be burned./

/2. at that point I am asked to put a blank disk in the drive. /

/I am then given choices to burn a date or a regular Cd. /

/I choose regular CD. Then I get a next button. I hit the space bar, and at that point windows media player should come up, but it doesn’t. if I go to it, and press the burn button, nothing happens. Anyone have any way I can fix this? I have windows 8.1 and jaws 17 beta. Jim/

/2. /


Should you be selecting an audio disc instead of a regular one?

Chris Miles

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