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Windows Defender is included in Windows 10 by default.

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In the following, I'm not bashing you, or anyone, for that matter, but
email being what it is, its tone could be misconstrued.

Think about this: Microsoft wants to upgrade your operating system.
Microsoft is what the "M" in "MSE" stands for. Now here's the
head-scratcher: Why, or how, would Microsoft Security Essentials get
in the way of upgrading a Microsoft product? That's MS getting in its
own way! Do you not find that absolutely hillariously uproariously
funny? I sure do!

In fact, I don't even know that I *do* have MSE, or Defender, or
whatever it's called in Windows 10, installed. I haven't gotten any
notices that I'm unprotected, so I must have something, but whatever
it is didn't hinder my update.

On Fri, 3 Feb 2017 20:27:51 -0000, you wrote:

Hi, do you have Microsoft Security Essentials installed? The last time I
upgraded the installation stopped at 99% and would not go any further. I
then got an 'Oops somethings gone wrong' message and the whole upgrade was a
waste of time. Anyway,to cut a long story short, it was MSE that prevented
the upgrade and as soon as I disabled it the upgrade went smoothly. I assume
this can also happen if other anti-virus or malware software is installed.
Just a thought which may help.


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This is the second time my Windows 10 computer is attempting to update
to build 1607. The first time, it restarted, sat there, and did
nothing for over an hour. Since when does a Windows update take over
an hour? That's why I'm writing, thinking it's waiting for me to do
something, but since I don't have a screen connected, I don't know
what that could even be. If I really REALLY hafta-have-to, I'll drag
out a monitor and get it looked at, but I thought I'd ask my on-call
panel of experts first. Is this normal? Should I just wait and see
what happens? or is it KNFB Reader time?

As always, thanks in advance.

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