Angelo Sonnesso

Do you know the voltage that hearing aids require?
Maybe one of our blind hams can help.
I would be willing to give it a try.
I will need battery numbers and voltage requirements.
I will have to find an appropriate vibrator, so what do you think?

73 N2DYN Angelo

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Doesn't work all the time with all models of hearing aids. (Some aids drain
the batteries before giving an audible warning beep or two. Others give a
warning as soon as the battery is going to go down. As for when they're
deteriorating, one doesn't always know. One could be having a bad hair day
at the office that day. (Smile>. A bit like the Pats are having as I wsrite

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Gerald Levy <> wrote:
So for those
of us who wear hearing aids, there is presently no way to test 1.5
volt hearing aid batteries except with a non-audible digital battery
tester, which, of course, requires sighted help.
Sure there is. Try the battery in the hearing aid and find out.

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