listening to nfl games through the computer

Troy Burnham

Hi All,
Other than free football radio dot com, which I find frustrating to use because I never know which station of my chosen team may be streaming the game, are there any other options for listening to games through the computer now that the nfl has combined their audio and video feeds and increased the price so significantly?
I'm in a rather unique situation here because I've been trying to make sirius xm online work and so far haven't had much success and the reception that I get from my xm receiver isn't great most of the time, and I will be getting an IPhone soon but I don't know how long it'll take me to get comfortable enough using that where I'll be able to use the football ap to listen to a game, and I have a local station for my favorite team which is the Texans but my radio reception of that station is only fair at best even though it's a local station.
I haven't worried much about football so far because I'm mostly a baseball fan, but there's only a week left to go in the baseball season and if the astros miss the playoffs I won't have much interest in the playoffs so in that case my attention would turn back more to football and I might be interested in more than just the Texans games in that case.
My best option is probably going to be sirius xm if I can ever figure out exactly what I'm doing when it comes to finding specific content through the online feed, but I'm hesitant to call sirius xm's customer service for help because I'm not so sure they'd be able to help much since I'm quite sure that nobody there is aware of Jaws and how it works and I'm not computer-literate enough, nor do I have enough patience, to know what to do if I did call xm and they had me try something that didn't work.
I know this may be a longer message than it needed to be, but I just wanted to be thorough and go ahead and put in things that I may get questioned about later on in the thread.

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