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Rajmund <brajmund2000@...>

no, if you've done something like deleting with IMAP, POP will then not download it. least not the message that you have just deleted with IMAP.

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On 14/02/17 3:31 PM, Marie wrote:
I would like to know if I have an email account and it is set up as pop3
on my desktop and I set up an Imap account for the same email address on
my IPhone, if I read but do not delete a message on the IPhone, will it
still be available on the desktop running the pop3 option? I know that
if you have Imap on all devices whatever you do on one will be done on
all systems so if a message is left in the inbox on the IPhone, it seems
logical that it is still on the inbox on the website so should be
accessible on the desktop with pop 3.
Is this the correct assumption? I have not used Imap much so not totally
clear but I think this is the way it works.
Thanks, Marie

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