networking a drive using a router

David Ferrin <df7782@...>

I have this netgear that is around 4 or 5 years old and I have the firmware up to date although it is at least 3 years old itself. Never the less to my point, it has a USB port with which it is possible to network an external drive or even a printer. That latter I have not tried, but the former several times. It works well for a few days then it becomes unstable so I finally trashed the idea. Does anybody out there have any further experience with these contraptions. I have followed the setup steps to the letter each and every time but no joy. I did check on Amazon and a lot of the reviews seemed to indicate this brand of router does seem to have issues in this area.

So far as it being a router for my home network it works perfectly fine, both wired and wireless. It is just that this networking a drive is a sticking point and it gives me no reason.

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