Question regarding scanning and saving to pdf

Robin Frost

I hope this finds all happy and well.
Presently I have a Plustek Opticbook 4800 scanner which comes with its own book pilot software.  I also have licensed copies of Openbook and DocuScan. As such I was wondering if any others who might have similar set-ups might be kind enough to teach me how to scan a multi-page document and save it to pdf for the benefit of a sighted recipient as I’ve never done this before.  While some portions of the scanner’s own book pilot software were accessible with screen reader software I couldn’t quite master how one saved the resulting scan to a pdf. So if anyone’s ever had success either doing it with the scanner’s own software or some other way I’d love to hear about it as it’d be helpful to be able to do this well enough so as not to worry about the visual accuracy therein when sharing with a sighted recipient as I said.
Thanks in advance for any help offered. It’s much appreciated.

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