Hello everyone

With a humble spirit I am asking for some help

For a while I have had issues with my POP3 and outlook.

I use wimdows 7, jaws 14 and office 2010 on both desk top amd lap top.(Del)

I was not able to receive e mails and I was  able to send. However after asking and asking for help, trying to figure it out(I am not as tech callimg AT & T (my server) no help was givem because they are not familiar with talking screens…

I at last called the disability line and they did help some but they changed my pop 3 to IMap on my desk top and now I have over 10,000 E mails to delete but I am recieving and if you all get this then I can send;however my incoming e mails are in the mist of all these e mails that have to be deleted.

I kmow that I have these e mails because IMap has dropped all saved e mails from my server that I was not aware of.. frown

So if amyome has any suggestions then please send them my way and I will try to find them.

Thank you and sorry for the long post and patience.


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