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completely the other way round. I had IE crashing more than firefox. up to the point, where I hardly ever use the thing, firefox just works so well for me.

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On 25/02/17 11:36 AM, Gerald Levy wrote:

But there are some downsides to making Firefox your default browser.
First of all, the RSS reader built into Firefox is totally
inaccessible. The RSS reader built into IE 11, on the other hand, is
totally accessible. Also, Firefox tends to crash or freeze up more
frequently than IE, and the only way to restore it to normal is to
launch the Windows Task Manager and manually end all Firefox tasks
listed on the Processes page one at a time, which is a major pain. When
IE crashes, you can usually just close it and relaunch it without having
to abort it using the Task Manager. And to access many menu features in
Firefox using JAWS, u sometimes have to turn off the virtual PC cursor
and turn it back on again when you are finished, which is another nuisance.


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There are various reasons to switch. I'll give a few.

Firefox has a very large number of add ons people may wish to use.
Firefox also has a document reading mode that cuts out a lot of
extraneous material when reading things such as newspaper articles.

Also, firefox has a very convenient bookmarks search feature. As far as
I know, Internet Explorer doesn't have such a feature.

And one more consideration is that Internet Explorer, though it is still
receiving security updates, hasn't received any technological or
programming updates for quite some time. It may be as long as two years
by now. It is becoming increasingly archaic.

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Hi Vickie,
I'd be curious as to why you made a different browser your main
browser? I'm very happy with IE, but I understand that it doesn't do
some of the things that the newer browsers do.

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