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no, you'll be using what's called voice view, of which, I know nothing, besides the name, unfortunately.

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On 26/02/17 12:03 PM, Kimsan wrote:
Hahahha, “For an inexpensive tablet for watching videos, reading books,
listening to music, browsing the web, checking email, and using
Facebook, Amazon’s Kindle

Fire tablets are a fine deal.”

That were the answers to my questions.

So, what’s the voice on these tablets. Also, do I swipe and double tap
like on an ipad? I know what’s her name, alexa, will answer after
pressing the home button, but that’s different from when navigating the
darn thing right? The home screen sounds boring too, but I’m blind, why
should that matter right? Smile.

Thanks for the article.


Kimsan Song

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You might want to read this article to get an idea of the differences.

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I know nothing about these fire tablets, let alone a standard
android tablet smile.

I began researching moments before I composed my email.

If there are limitations, Carlos you make a valid point!


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Not something I've seriously investigated, but don't Fire tablets
run a limited version of Android? In which case, wouldn't you be
better off just buying a standard Android tablet? You can find some
Android tablets for as little as $80 to $100.

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I’m googling and trying to find the newest articles discussing
the differences between fire tablets and ipads.

What can yall tell me about the differences. Before I end this,
hopefully the question not asked is “Well, depends what you are
using it for.”

Just quick questions, and feel free to unload with your general
answer, but can you practically do the same thing on a fire
tablet like what you can do on an ipad?

Download apps, surf the net, check email, things like that.

Unless the google hit was incorrect, I am seeing a $50 fire
tablet out there now.

I mean, if it can do what I just listed, I’ll save $150 for
purchasing a fire tablet smile.


Kimsan Song <>

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