Re: what about the fire stick?


All you have to do is hold down the back button and menu button on the
remote to toggle VoiceView on and off. Yes, Hulu and NetFlix are there
but I don't know about the others as I have yet to play with it even
though we got it back in December. My oldest son jumped the gun and
began playing with it. (smiles)


On 2/26/17, Bill Koppelmann <> wrote:
Hi Laz,
Speaking of the fire stick, I do have some vision, and so I need to
know, just how far in to the menus do you have to go in order to get
the fire stick to talk? Do I understand that you cn get Hulu and
Netflix on there too?
What about some of the obscure political and religious stations, can
you get those to come on the stick?
Many thanks,

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