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Did you do all these changes to try to solve the keyboard problem and would you not have done them otherwise?  the hard drive wouldn't have anything to do with this problem.  It is for storing and retrieving information.  Replacing the keyboard once might have been a good idea but more than once is useless expense.  One defective keyboard, maybe.  More than one, extremely unlikely.  And if you are saying that you are doing daily scans with all these programs, that's real overkill.  CCleaner is not an antimalware program. 
I'm not going into all this to give you a hard time.  I'm saying that before you spend time and money trying to solve a problem like this I would suggest you ask about it first, not after you have done these things.  If you had asked first, you might have saved a good deal of time and money.  I don't know what the answer is.  but since replacing the keyboard didn't help, I would think it's a hardware problem of some sort.  I'll leave further discussion to those with more technical knowledge than I have.

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Hello All,

I have a HP/Compac desktop running Win 7 pro as the o/s.  More than occasionally, when typting, it will not register a key press or will fill in multiple key presses of the last letter typed on the keyboard with one press of a letter key. This started happening when it had a spinning Western Digital black drive so cloned it and changed it out to a Samsung 850 SSD.  I have also replaced the keyboard 3 times with new out of the box usb keyboards and have reseated the RAM several times to no avail.  The internal cooling fans are cleaned every month.  Miscrosoft Security Essentials, and Malware Bytes pro have been used on the machine along with CCleaner on a daily basis to keep the machine virus free.

Any ideas as to what the problem could be?

Thank you,


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