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Rajmund <brajmund2000@...>

I have VMWARE work station, according to my desktop icon. it's the one for non commercial use, only.

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On 03/03/17 2:08 AM, Norman wrote:
There might b a difference between VMware workstation which is what I'm
running and vmware player. Try right clicking on the VM name.

On March 2, 2017 7:05:31 PM EST, Rajmund <> wrote:

yes, I was talking about the same, sorry if I didn't make it clear. the
menu within VM player. I'm aware of the alt-p menu, but I wasn't aware
of the other one, alt-m. I knew of tools, but never knew how to access
it, hence the question. I highlighted a VM, pressed alt-m, but nothing
happened. how does this work exactly, please?

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On 02/03/17 11:32 PM, Norman wrote:


He's talking about the tools menu in the vmware program itself,
not the
virtual machine. On my system the settings would actually be
under the
vm menu. With focus on vmware press alt m.


On 3/2/2017 5:13 PM, Rajmund wrote:

OK, this thing booted, in fact,am writing from it, since am
here. but
how do I gt=et to tools on the VMWARE menu? I only know of
the alt-p
command. never found tools... and how do I access the screen
settings in vinux?

On 02/03/17 21:22, Rob wrote:

Rajmund <> wrote:

OK, so another question. how and where would I
connect the display, so
my linux sees it? wouldn't I have to have speech first

Just connect your display to the computer as normal.
In VMWare, you have an option
"Removable devices"
under the tools menu, I think.
Under that menu entry is your braille display. Have it
from host and connect to guest. If it is USB, BRLTTY
will see it and
you will have braille. That has always worked reliably
for me.

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