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Try it with NVDA.  I am pleasantly surprised that some of the universal apps like Edge works quite well with it.  I don't know how proprietory screen readers can miss something like that.  Kudos to NVDA and it's voluntier developers on this one.

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I am trying to purchase the program but the interface is so lousy that I can’t seem to navigate the thing. It is some sort of cloud store interface that Microsoft has dreamed up.
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Yes, it’ll work with all kinds of scanners and cameras. See the discussion at:,,,20,0,0,0::recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,20,2,0,4437134





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So, will this came FB reader work with the scanner that's hooked to the computer? Or is this just for window tablets? Please advise.

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Well the KNFB Reader has come to all Windows devices now and is on sell from the MS Store for 20 bucks as they have made a deal with MS to pick up the other 80 percent for a limited time. I just got it for windows . I have had it a long long time for the iPhone. It I think will be great and this will in fact at some time really give Open book and KW a run for their money. See link to the KNFB reader site below.



KNFB Reader






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