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Rajmund <brajmund2000@...>

yep, wireless should work, and quite a fair bit of bluetooth ones, too.

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On 05/03/17 7:44 AM, Kimsan wrote:
Just use a wireless head set such as the h800...

Kimsan Song

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the sense won't work with any USB headphones or microphones, mainly, due to
lack of drivers.

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On 05/03/17 12:55 AM, C
arlos wrote:
I don't know much about the BrailleSense, but I was wondering that
myself. You would be better off using a digital recorder with built-in
stereo microphones.
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Captain Rob, hmm, I'm not sure as to how you will be able to
interface a BrailleSense, or indeed any Braille notetaker with a
wireless microphone let alone have it record in stereo.

But, I'll suggest you take a hard look at Shure's VP88 Stereo
Condenser Microphone found here:


You may also try looking on for some better pricing as
these types of microphones do cost quite a bit.

Denver, Colorado

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