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Very true given I only played with an Android device for a short time. Maybe that wasn't such a good idea to base opinions given the circumstances. I've read good things about Talkback and Shine, and long may it continue even if I don't personally use Android. Competition is good.

On 11 Mar 2017, at 21:03, Laz <> wrote:

To be fair comparing Android to iOS is like comparing apples and
oranges pun intended. They run two different operating systems and an
Android device is not a clone of an iOS device. You probably paid less
than $100 for the second-hand tablet yet several hundreds for an iOS
device so again let's be fair when giving opinions. I suggest you
compare Google's latest smart phone offering with Apple's which are
more similarly fitted and then make the comparison after spending more
than just a short time playing with them. Learn to use the Android
operating system as well as you know iOS and this way you can give a
fair comparison. My opinion is that they're both on a level plane when
it comes to accessibility with Apple just edging out Android by a nose
hair when it comes to ease of use but I'm comfortable with and capable
of using either one when needed.


On 3/11/17, Christopher Hallsworth <> wrote:
Hi I am not aware of such an app for Android. Having said that, I am a full
time iOS user and personally didn't like the short Android experience I had
with a second hand Google Nexas 7.

On 11 Mar 2017, at 08:44, A.Mac <> wrote:

hi all, can i put i-tunes on my android tablet to sink my phone?

tanks for your time in advance.

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