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Angelo Sonnesso

Use Windows 17 gives you the day and the date.

I will look in the scripts, and see if I can extract the section you need.


73 N2DYN Angelo


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The solution I suggested does work.  I would not have posted it otherwise.

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This can be done, but it involves a modification to a script. If Sugar wants to know how, she should get with me offline. Carlos’ solution won’t work, since the script that controls this specifically dictates the format of the date that’s to be retrieved and spoken.



Walt Smith - Clearwater, FL




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This is a screen-reader behavior.  I am not aware of a JAWS way to do this but that doesn't mean there isn't one.  NVDA announces the day. 



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Subject: [TechTalk] date and time



On Windows 7, using jaws 14 and office 2010

When I press the insert and F12it tells me the time

If I press the same keys again it will give me the date(March 7, 2017)

Is there a setting that would allow me to hear the day, full date?

For  example

Pressing F12 is the time

Pressing F12 again I would like it to read me “Tuesday or Tues. March 17, 2017)


Is that possible?

I hope that was clear.


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