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Josh Kennedy <joshknnd1982@...>

I am new to the list. I recently bought a computer from blair technology group. when it came in the mail and i tried setting it up with windows10 home this laptop was a special order with a 120gb solid state drive... anyway narrator would not come on. i plugged in a external keyboard, finnished setting it up and got it onto the desktop. through experimenting i found the laptop's built-in keyboard has some keys that do not work. so i called and asked for a return shipping label to send it back and have it repaired. they are sending me one in the mail. But my question sis this. if for some reason they cannot repair it and they return my $220 I am then planning to get a new computer. my two choices are these.
1. for $199, hp stream 11.6 inch screen windows10 home and latest laptop with AMD e2 processor, 4gigs ram and 32gb EMMC storeage with micro sd card slot. main issue is windows10 does not let you yet, use the sd card as permanent storeage to store apps and all user data including your %appdata% folder on the sd card. in other words you cannot yet set the sd card as the default write disk for everything like you can with some android devices like with my blu energy x phone.
or my second choice
2. for $289, hp f222wm 15 inch touch screen windows10 home latest laptop with pentium n quad core, 500gb traditional spinning hard drive 4gigs ram.
but I hope blair technology group can repair or replace the computer and give me a good refurbished working one. what do you all think?

Josh Kennedy

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