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is it illegal to rip dvds and store a copy on your computer in case the disk gets scratched or broken? maybe with some software like handbrake? just curious. but it really does not apply to me because I buy all my movies through the itunes store on apple tv anyway.

On 3/20/2017 5:38 AM, Peter Chin wrote:
Hello Carlos,

Thanks very much for the info. I always thought that making an extra copy to play in your car was not infringing copyright laws. Perhaps I'm wrong.

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No. Audacity is an audio editor. It is not intended for copying CDs or
DVDs. You can use either AnyBurn
or CDBurnerXP
to copy CDs. As for copying DVDs, commercial DVDs are DRM protected and
copying them is illegal so it should not be discussed here on the list. If
a DVD is not protected, you should be able to copy it by simply transferring
it's contents to your hard drive and then burning it on to a new disc since
DVDs basically just contain data.
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Hello Audacity users,

Can this program be used to copy CD's or DVD's. If not, could you please
recommend another free program?


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I think it just depends on how advanced and fancy you want to get with
your audio editing. If you want to produce more sophisticated audio
projects, I'm guessing Audacity might be better for those kinds of
things. We use Audacity at the radio station where I work.



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I say Gold Wave. It works better with screen readers.

One price no hassel.


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This might be subjective, but for a newbe, which program would be
recommended to use when wanting to learn how to record an edit audio


Kimsan Song


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