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I just wish that when computer companies sent you a new computer they would email you a copy of the activation key or put it on a braille label inside the box. because I rarely have sighted help around here and although I have a legal license for windows without sighted help if I want to activate my windows I then have to use something like reloader to activate it illegally when I have a perfectly legal key I could use, if only I could see to read it, or had it in audio, or in braille or in an email to somehow type it in.

On 3/20/2017 10:57 PM, Carlos wrote:
At least with Windows 10, while the talking installation will certainly be useful, I don't think it is enough of a game changer on which to base a decision. Windows 10 already allows you to perform a reset which is fairly accessible. Besides, if you purchase any machine running Windows 10, the Creators edition will be a free upgrade anyway.
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Hi Josh:

Hopefully what I am about to suggest is NOT a twisted thought ... In a few
weeks, Windows10 Creator will be released and it should come with a talking
installer. I have not personally investigated Windows10 much, but this new
development might make me think things over.

I don't know for sure what almighty Microsoft has in mind, but, typically,
Windows comes in all kinds of flavors and I doubt that Windows10 is an
exception to this rule. Wouldn't it be better to consider getting a
Windows10 Creator Home Edition when it is released in April?

Assuming my thinking is NOT horridly twisted, I am of the opinion that
waiting till April if possible might make better sense! I would hope that
you have enough gear to keep chugging along until then. With that, I'll
disappear and wait to be straightened out by the many folks who are deeper
in the trenches than I am!

Denver, Colorado

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