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My first computer was got for me by the school district back in late 1992. It was a keynote gold laptop with a 51mb hard drive and it ran ms-dos and windows3.1 which at the time I did not have outspoken for windows so could not use it. so I just used dos and keysoft for dos and masterTouch screen reader for dos. Now when I want to play with the old dos stuff I use the talking dosBox emulator that runs on modern windows so I can play old dos games and mess around with wordPerfect 5.1 and megaDots and things. But mostly use it for old dos games. But for its time keynote gold speech was the best around I think back in 1992. Then in mid 1996 I got a windows95 desktop. In 2002 I got a dell desktop with windows xp for college. Then I needed something more portable after college so I got a windows xp netbook. Then I went back to school for a semester or so and vocational rehab got me a macBook pro laptop in early 2010. Decided mac was not for me so played with Linux for a month in late 2012. Decided that was not for me it did not run the games and stufff I wanted. So found blair technology group, bought a windows7 laptop and then got another one from a defunct organization that gave them away for free. That one died, now presently I spent $220 on the broken laptop that has to b repaired or replaced. If not I'll ask for my money back and get the $290 touch screen windows10 laptop the one with quad core processor in it. I'll set it up clone the hard drive with macrium reflect to the ssd in my drawer and swap out the drives.

On 3/21/2017 9:44 AM, Carlos wrote:
My first computer was a hand-me-down that a friend basically gave me for free. I just had to buy the hard drive.
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LOL. But seriously, I grew up poor myself and I know first-hand that saving
is not always an option.

That's for sure. I remember those days myself.
My first computer that I owned solely for myself was a donated one from the university computer lab. It was one of those flat desktop models--I don't know what you call those. It wasn't a tower, but a flat wide thing like a tabletop. It had been lying around collecting dust, so the head lab tech gave it to me--a lucky break.
Back then I was living on less than a hundred dollars a month, so you can imagine what a big deal this was for me.

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