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now the only way i can use keynote gold is with a 15 minute demo in windows 3.1 running inside of talking dosBox.

On 3/21/2017 10:48 AM, Pamela Dominguez wrote:
My first one was one of those 286 computers from Evas from the commission. It had Workperfekt and dos on it. Pam.

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My first computer was a hand-me-down that a friend basically gave me for
free. I just had to buy the hard drive.
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LOL. But seriously, I grew up poor myself and I know first-hand that saving
is not always an option.

That's for sure. I remember those days myself.
My first computer that I owned solely for myself was a donated one from the
university computer lab. It was one of those flat desktop models--I don't
know what you call those. It wasn't a tower, but a flat wide thing like a
tabletop. It had been lying around collecting dust, so the head lab tech
gave it to me--a lucky break.
Back then I was living on less than a hundred dollars a month, so you can
imagine what a big deal this was for me.

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