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do they have laptops also and do they offer at least windows10 home?

On 3/21/2017 10:49 AM, Gerald Levy wrote:

I am very satisfied with the refurbished Dell Optiplex desktop I acquired from Computers for the Blind in Texas. It has been serving me well for almost two years, and I have not encountered any hardware problems. It has a farily small 80gb hard drive, but this is sufficient for my needs. And because it came with JAWS and a number of other blind-friendly programs already installed, set-up was greatly simplified. I am so satisfied with this computer that I acquired another one last year from CFB to serve as a backup in case this one dies unexpectedly. Their contact number is 214-340-6328.


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Hi all,

Yes, Carlos, believe me, I know about financial difficulties. The
problem is to combine the financial constraints with something which
will serve the person's need instead of being a burden because it
doesn't meet the need at all. That's why I suggested the place in TX.
I think he may get a better computer there, from all I've heard of them.

Ann P.

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Sometimes people are limited by their funds and they have to settle for what they can afford. Simply buying bigger and better is not always an option for everyone.
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If you have to buy a new computer I would suggest you get one with a faster processor at least 3GHz and at least 500GB hard drive and 8 MB RAM.
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my only concern is with storeage on the stream. 4gigs of ram is enough for what I do. the only real reason I'd need 8gigs ram is if I did tons of audio editing or ran memory hungry virtual machines, which I don't do. I'm just wondering if I could somehow save my favorite audio games, and jaws for windows microsoft office, NVDA and a few other apps would they all fit on the 32gigs of space? I guess I could make sure windows10 is compacted with the command line

compact /compactos:always
running it in an admin command line will compact the OS and compress it as small as possible. Blair gave me a free shipping label so they said I can send it back and they will repair the laptop or replace it since its under the 1 year warranty. if only windows10 would let me change the default write disk to the sd card and migrate the entire users folder and all subfolders and also the program files folders and program data folders over to the micro sd card then storeage on the hp stream latest model with 4gigs ram would not be an issue.

On 3/20/2017 3:34 PM, Nimer Jaber wrote:

My pick would be the Stream for sure... SSD over standard HD any day.

On Mon, Mar 20, 2017 at 2:29 PM Josh Kennedy <joshknnd1982@... <mailto:joshknnd1982@...>> wrote:

I am new to the list. I recently bought a computer from blair technology
group. when it came in the mail and i tried setting it up with windows10
home this laptop was a special order with a 120gb solid state drive...
anyway narrator would not come on. i plugged in a external keyboard,
finnished setting it up and got it onto the desktop. through
experimenting i found the laptop's built-in keyboard has some keys that
do not work. so i called and asked for a return shipping label to send
it back and have it repaired. they are sending me one in the mail. But
my question sis this. if for some reason they cannot repair it and they
return my $220 I am then planning to get a new computer. my two choices
are these.
1. for $199, hp stream 11.6 inch screen windows10 home and latest
laptop with AMD e2 processor, 4gigs ram and 32gb EMMC storeage with
micro sd card slot. main issue is windows10 does not let you yet, use
the sd card as permanent storeage to store apps and all user data
including your %appdata% folder on the sd card. in other words you
cannot yet set the sd card as the default write disk for everything like
you can with some android devices like with my blu energy x phone.
or my second choice
2. for $289, hp f222wm 15 inch touch screen windows10 home latest laptop
with pentium n quad core, 500gb traditional spinning hard drive 4gigs ram.
but I hope blair technology group can repair or replace the computer and
give me a good refurbished working one. what do you all think?
Josh Kennedy

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