Re: windows 7, is it still available?

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you can turn off a lot of the privacy settings and if you do not want a microsoft account you can just make a local account like you did in older windows versions.

On 3/22/2017 7:18 AM, Carlos wrote:

Windows 10 has some advantages such as improved security, a few useful new features, support for newer hardware, blah blah blah, but it also has privacy issues and forced updates.  In addition, it's "Start" menu does not resemble the "Start" menu in older versions of Windows at all and is not very useful in my opinion.  Of course, these are only my opinions and does not mean you shouldn't try it.  At least it is a free upgrade for the disabled.  And fortunately, Classic Shell
still works on Windows 10 as well.
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Just go to Windows 10 at this point.  The Microsoft Disability Help Desk can assist you with installing it.  There is no deadline for blind users.  Windows 10 is not difficult to use.

Rich De Steno
On 3/22/2017 6:53 AM, Keith S wrote:
Hi, this past X-mas, my wife bought me a used windows 8 laptop from a coworker at the casino she works at.  I have window eyes installed on it, and have installed the shell start menu program to add more to the start menu so it more resembles windows xp (which I am moving from).
Is windows 7 even still available, and if so, where can I get it?  I absolutely hate windows 8 and wish windows would just leave things alone that were so popular in windows xp.  seems that nearly every person in the world, and almost every company, even banks, that I heard of, used xp and now poof. 
yes, the learning curve is very steep with windows 8, and even with the classic start menu somewhat back, it's a pain in the (blank) for me to work with.
So, i basically have put the laptop on a shelf and still use my windows xp notebook to do everything.  I know, major security holes and what not  due to MS not supporting XP updates anymore, but whatever.
Thanks for any info on windows 7

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