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Thanks much for a rather complete answer.


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The following may be much more discussion than some people want and they may
want to skip most of the message. Others may find this amount of discussion
and information useful.

I didn't say anything about ease of use. I said that no settings need be
changed but that I think the setting I discussed should be changed. I don't
like the Chrome interface. Almost everything, from settings to history to
the downloads information when you are downloading a file or looking at past
downloads is displayed as a web page. At times, you have to move between
the virtual cursor or equivalent and forms mode or equivalent. Some quick
navigation commands that would allow faster navigation of these pages such
as in settings don't work. At times you have to tab repeatedly to find

For browsing, any screen-reader that supports the virtual pc cursor or
equivalent works identically regardless of browser when looking at a web
page. Since you are working with the virtual pc ccursor or equivalent, you
are working with your screen-reader regardless of browser.

When I say that, I'm not saying that every link or every control is always
displayed with identical text from one screen-reader to another. on one
page I use, one button is read with one bit of text with one screen-reader
and with another bit of text with another. it's clear what the button does
but the information that is read isn't identical. Some screen-readers work
better on some pages and some on others. At times, these differences matter
and at times they are not important but the commands you use and how you
move is identical regardless of what browser you use. Some people may be
reluctant to try other browsers because they don't know that.

These days, some people say Chrome is faster than Firefox or Internet
Explorer. I don't know if or to what extent that is true. I've heard a
complaint here and there about Firefox not working well with as many sites
as it used to. I don't know to what extent that occurs or if it's enough to
matter. I have three browsers and I use the one that does the best job on a
site if there is a difference important enough to matter.

I generally use Firefox because I prefer the interface to Chrome and
Internet Explorer. And Firefox has a feature people may want to use that is
available as a Chrome add on but when I tried the chrome add on, I found it
inaccessible. It's possible that it can be used and that there is something
I don't know but I doubt it.
Firefox has a feature for removing lots of items and extraneous text from
pages containing articles. it is called reading view and is in the view
menu. It only is available on pages with articles. Firefox uses an
algorithm that tells it when to make reading view available. Some or many
users may find this feature of value.

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Hey Gene, is Chrome really that easy to work with now? I have the latest
W-10 and J-18...thanks!


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You don't have to change settings. But since images are used at times to
distribute malware, turning off downloading of images is a good idea.

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I've just installed the Chrome browser on my Windows 10 machine running JAWS
Version 18.0.2530.

What Chrome and/or JAWS settings should be used to make the JAWS experience
the best they can be?



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