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Nvda is free but I thinks  Dictation Bridge is not.


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also if you want free dictation rather than buying j-say or dragon for jaws, you could get dictation bridge for NVDA. Its in beta but works good.



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In my opinion, jaws has become almost irrelivant in the screen reader market. Aside from some specialized things like remote desktop why would someone even  buy it?

full disclosure, i do have a copy of jaws 17, but that is because i need rdp access that other things can't provide. For new users i would probably not recommend it unless they have money to spend.



On 3/22/2017 6:24 PM, Josh Kennedy wrote:

i wish VFO freedom scientific would make a free jaws for office like they made the free window eyes for office. jaws is very very expensive. and if we had jaws for office then lots more people could use jaws for very low cost.



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But it works as a demo and you can't use it as a full version without paying.  For years, the demo version of JAWS has been identical to the full version so you could activate the demo.  The point is that saying that the computers come with JAWS with no explanation implies that a full working nondemo version is provided and it isn't.



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Hi all,

Actually, if you have the license number, you can activate the Jaws
Demo which comes with the computer.

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