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John Gregory <stratplayer@...>

One doesn’t even have to be savvy enough to recognise it as a scam, just look at how they spell ‘lotterry’!


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Come on, Mike.  You’re savvy enough to recognize a phishing scam when you see one. From the sound of it, this email probably originated from Nigeria or some other offshore spamming haven.  These clowns never give up.




From: Mike B.

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Subject: [TechTalk] Yahoo Lottery


Hi All,


Have any of you ever heard of this?  This is an email I received, &I was given contact info to someone in Virginia.


Yahoo Lottery <beatlotterry@...>
This is to inform you that your e-mail has won our award of one million american dollars only ($1,000,000.00) for 2017 Microsoft searching machines, Google, msn, Yahoo!, AOL and others. This is a collection of all e-mail addresses of the people who are active online. Among the millions that subscribed to Google, Yahoo!, Windows live and to other email providers, six people are randomly selected quarterly to benefit from this promotion and you have been listed as one of the selected winners for the first quarter of 2017. All the winners shall be paid in accordance with their settlement center or zones accordingly. This award must be claimed within the period of 28 working days from the date of draw notification! Unclaimed prizes within this period will be forfeited and returned to its source and declared unclaimed. Stated below are your identification numbers PRO-NUMBER: MCW/232056/16 VTT-NUMBER: SKK/4210/01KU To file your claims, please contact our head office: CLAIMS MANAGER CONTACT INFORMATION:

Take care.
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