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Actually, Compact Flash cards are just as readily available now as they always have been.  Many cameras especially high-end models still use them.

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Sugar, I wanted to respond and tell you how I do it.  Since the Pacmate uses compact flash cards, get yourself a cheap USB card reader and a couple of compact flash cards.  Then dump the files to be transferred on to a compact flash card.  Then transfer that compact flash card to your Pacmate and transfer those files easily and reliably.  Remember that the Compact flash cards have to be formatted as FAT, not FAT 32. Incidentally, I paid no more than ten dollars for the card reader I am talking about. The only potential problem is that Compact flash cards are not as readily available as they once were.

Don Roberts

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Hi all

I have tried to sub to the Pac Mate list but I am being told that there is no group

Does anyone know how to transfer files from the desk top to the Pac mate?



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