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Hi Joe,
Try the following:

By default the system sounds are off. To turn them on:
1. On the tools menu, choose internet options.
2. In the dialog ctrl+tab until you get to the advanced page.
3. In the settings tree view, in the accessibility  group, there's the item
play system sounds-off. You can quickly move to this by pressing the letter
p. Press spacebar, and the item changes to play system sounds-on.
4. press enter to press the default ok button.
Changing search engines:
From: Roger Loran Bailey
 Because of this thread and Gene's comments I just did something that I did not know how to do and didn't even know that I wanted to do until now. I changed my own default search engine in Internet Explorer to Google. My default search engine has been Bing ever since I got this Windows 7 computer, but I prefer Google. I handled the problem by just ignoring Bing and making Google my home page. Because of this discussion I decided to check to see if I could change the default search. I went to tools and then to manage add ons. I then arrowed down until I saw search engines. I tabbed and found Bing checked as default. By arrowing up and down I saw that there were other search engines and Google was not one of them. So I continued to tab until I found a link labeled "search for other search engines." I clicked that link and came to a Microsoft page about add ons and at first I didn't think it had anything to do with search engines, but down the page there was a link to search engines which I clicked. I then got a list of search results and again Google was not one of them. Apparently Microsoft wants to make it hard for you to use Google. In exasperation I pressed the E key to go to the only edit field on the page and typed in Google. Again I got a list of search results, but this time the first one on the list was Google search. There was a link right after it for adding it to Internet Explorer. I clicked it again and there was a page listing some things about Google. By this time I was getting tired of the hoops I was jumping through, so I didn't read that material very closely and now I can't really tell you what it said, but at the very bottom there was another link offering to add Google to Internet Explorer. I clicked it again and a dialog came up. Tabbing through it there were several check boxes to either check or not to check and one of them was to make Google my default search engine. I did check that and went through the rest of the dialog and click finish or save or whatever it said at the end. I then just closed the browser and opened it up again. I don't know if that was necessary, but that is how I did it. Then I check by pressing f6 for the address bar and, indeed, it showed Google. I typed in a word off the top of my head and pressed enter and I got a list of Google search results. So there is how to make Google your default search engine in Internet Explorer. I would have done this a long time ago if I had thought of it or even known where to look.
On 7/9/2013 5:21 PM, Gene wrote: I don't know how detailed help you need.  I'll give you instructions that will probably get you to the correct place but I haven't changed my search engine so I can't tell you just what you will see and just what to do. Look around.
Open Internet Explorer Open the tools menu. From there, find and open manage addons. You will probably be on a list of radio buttons. down arrow to search engines. Tab around and up and down arrow in the list to see what cho9ices are there. If you need to add more search engines, tab to an item for finding more search engines and press enter on it. From this point on, you will have to look around and do what seems appropriate. Tab around and see what you find.  Use the up and down arrow keys in lists or where you believe it may be appropriate. It appears, based on inferring from what I read, that you will find a list of search engines.  Arrow to Google and then start tabbing.  I believe you will find an install button. press the space bar on it.  I believe you will then find an add button. Activate that button. then see if you can tab to the list of browsers, up or down arrow to google and check it.  Try using the space bar to check it.  Then tab around and see if there is an ok button or a close button.  If so, activate it.  If not, close where you are with alt f4 or you can try escape, whichever you wish.
As I said, these instructions may not be fully accurate but they may well give you a good enough idea of what to do to change the search engine.
Take care.
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Do you know how to get to the advanced settings in options?  I'll explain it if you don't.
There is an item in advanced settings dealing with sounds.  You have to turn them on.  They are off by default in this version of Internet Explorer.  I don't use Internet Explorer and I'm not sure what the item is called.  Type s repeatedly to see if you find something about sounds.  If not, you may have to look at a lot more items in the tree view.
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Subject: [TechTalk] some ie questions


1. How do I get the sound to be heard after a download?

2. How can I change my search engine from Bing to Google?

I am setting up a new computer and having trouble with those items.

Thank you very much for your thoughts.

Joe Giovanelli

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