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Jeremy <icu8it2@...>

Hi all,
Here not to long ago, someone had mentioned on the Vi android list the possibility of using an SDR receiver along side an android application for an accessible radio of sorts. While I don't yet have an android device to test this out on, it did get me curious enough to go out and purchase a cheap SDR receiver of my own.

While I am quite happy with the hardware and it's price, certainly a treat for someone just getting into radio, I can't say the same thing about my experiences with most of the windows software I've tried to use to get access to the receiver. Pretty much the only peace of software I've found that can be used at all for those of us who use a screenreader, is HDSDR and even then, there are quite a few areas of the program that NVDA can not read. The developer has added a great number of keyboard shortcuts into the program to let you change things like frequency, get in and out of the different preferences, raise and lower the volume and loads more, but setting things like the squelch for listening to frequencies such as those for police can't be done, as far as I can tell. It's also worth pointing out that HDSDR doesn't support as many modes, wide FM, etc, as you might get with some of the other SDR applications that people use.

So far out of the applications I've tried, HDSDR, SDR#, SDRUno, SDR Radio pro, the only two that have any usability what so ever are HDSDR and SDR#. My huge issues with SDR# is, while it does have more areas inside the program that NVDA is able to read, It doesn't have any real way to change things using keyboard shortcuts, as far as I can tell. There are also a number of buttons that are unlabeled, but it's easy enough to move the mouse to them to figure out what they do when you click them.

While I realize it may be a total shot in the dark, I was hoping that there was someone here who might have messed with this stuff more than I have and might have some tips/ideas. If it's using HDSDR, possible workarounds for changing things such as the squelch levels, etc. If it's with any other application that I might be missing, that would be awesome too.

I have always been really disappointed in the lack of accessibility in the radios over the years, even with a lot of the high end ham transceivers, so I'd really hoped that this would at least give a cheap option to browse around and listen to the different stuff out there. This has also been one huge reason I've not really gotten much use out of my ham license, not being able to spend 600 dollars and higher for those radios like the kenwoods, etc.
It's a super neat hobby, so was hoping this might be a good place to ask. :)
Take care all.

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