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Josh Kennedy

I heard the blitab will be around just $500 when it is released. And also the orbit reader20 will be a bit under $500. I wonder if they are using cell phone micro vibration motors to make the dots go up and down? or maybe commonly available micro motors from medical or dental equipment? Its about time refreshable braille was made with off the shelf parts. Now we just need a low cost braille embosser that uses a standard printer driver with liblouis for its translation.

On 4/7/2017 3:47 PM, Carlos wrote:
I'm sure that would work just fine for some, but I personally prefer physical keyboards.
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Would it have to be a physical KB? I personally wouldn't at all mind a
virtual braille KB used by positioning your fingers on the screen and typing
in Braille as one would do on a physical KB.


Rick Alfaro

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Nice. Would be better if it also had a physical braille keyboard.
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Hello all,
I thought this would be interesting. A multi-line Android braille tablet
for $500 (u.S.). It sounds quite interesting. Video link is below.
Zachary Morris
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