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Josh Kennedy

who cares. $5295 is still way way way out of my price range. I can pay $500 for braille that's about all. and then I have to save for 2 months.

On 4/7/2017 3:53 PM, Carlos wrote:
Oh I'm so sorry. I was wrong. It's on sale for only $5,295! Hip hip hooray!
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The Polaris is $5,795. While other developers are striving to release new low-cost braille display technology, HIMS must be sticking to the ridiculously expensive traditional piezoelectric style display. What an insane price tag. It might be petty, but I hope they fail miserably with this device LOL.
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Zachary wrote in part:

"then we'll have a good comparison to lay out; the BrailleSense Polaris Vs.

If the Blitab runs the latest version of Android, it will KNOCK the Polaris
to the dust. Otherwise, a comparison between the two is NOT there! For
instance, the Blitab gives you a full page, the Polaris only 32 cells;
Blitab DOES NOT have a keyboard, but the Polaris does have a Perkins-style
keyboard. No info on how much RAM the Blitab has, and no info on how much
storage space is available and whether or not an SD card slot is implemented
on the Blitab.

For now though, the Blitab is at a good price and may be available in the
mainstream. According to their video, TMobile will be selling it. Don't I
wish I could go to Walmart and pick up a Polaris? Anyway, I'm hoping to
gather more info on the Blitab besides what was shared in their video. I
sent them requests and just waiting impatiently for answers!

Denver, Colorado

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