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Carolyn Arnold

I was going to try to help you, but wanted to go through the process so that
I could be sure what I said was right. For some reason, I can only hit Alt
V. I can't get beyond that; I get that little sound, like I'm at the bottom
or top of something. I still think my computer is out of kilter.

Last night I copied a link and sent it to some people, who, by the way,
loved it. However, since that time, I got myself into some kind of trouble
trying to respond to whatever it wanted me to do about protection.

So Adrian, I think that your problem is that your list is in Search mode,
and you want names checked. Now, exactly what you need to do to accomplish
this, one of these good savvy guys will have to tell you.

Best from,


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I have been using outlook 2013 or office 365 for a few months now. I have
noticed a few issues with it. firstly, none of my contact folders are
showing as address books, they are all displaying ok but when you go to
folder properties, I cannot see or access any check boxes to use the folder
as an address book. I have several pst files and they are all the same.

The other issue I have, I recently purchased the sperrysoft add e-mail
address add-in, it is a 14 day demo copy and after so long it is supposed to
display a pop-up box to register, I am not seeing the pop-up box at all, I
spotted on investigating that pop-ups in internet explorer could be blocked
but I am sure they are disabled to allow pop-ups. I have been in
communication with sperrysoft support but we cannot work this one out. In
the error log it mensions something about mapi files, is there a way to
delete the mapi files so outlook has to create them again, this may fix the
issues. I don't know what else I can do about this. I have had to ask them
for a refund.



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