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Haha, no, I'd imagine that tales probably wouldn't be accessible. I was pleasantly surprised though to find that the live environment of Kali was actually pretty good, but that was a ways back, so who knows. :)
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Hi Carlos and all,


              Keep in mind that the leaked information about the American security agencies was somewhat old. I daresay better is available now. I would urge anyone to simply assume that anything with a microphone/camera is compromised and act in accordance with that assumption (sponge over the mic, opaque tape over the camera, operating the device from an enclosed location, leaving the device in another location when things that need privacy are going on, etc.). Obviously, people in whom others might be interested should take more steps, there are proofs of concept which make speakers into microphones, accelerometers into microphones, get password/pins through motion sensing, and so on, but anyone really after privacy/security is, I’m sure, already aware of all this.

              It’s considerably more difficult for us, as blind users, to do this simply because some of the tools are not accessible. There’s no doubt that the most accessible operating systems are Windows, OSX, and iOS, and all leak as well as probably having more back doors than may be seen in most residential areas. I would be most interested if anyone has used, for example, Tales successfully. Also, it’s worth noting that we give up allot more by going completely luddite than most people. I don’t know what to say to people who have something like an echo, they’re basically asking for a privacy breech if nothing worse.




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From the same page as the article about the five inmates.  And it sounds a lot more dangerous than the tool developed by the CIA which requires physical access to the television, while this one does not.

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