Re: Accessibility Redefined: Smart Labeling System--Audex 5.0 = Bye Bye unlabeled Controls!

Josh Kennedy

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Subject: Re: Accessibility Redefined: Smart Labeling System--Audex 5.0 = Bye Bye unlabeled Controls!
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2017 08:55:58 +0000
From: Devin Prater <r.d.t.prater@...>
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Wow, this is really amazing! You really do know what us users want!
Google folks, I’d suggest hiring him... Unless that’d hamper his ability
to make innovative stuff. 
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Long days and pleasant nights!

Akash Kakkar <akash.misc07@...> writes:

> Hi Everyone!
> Audex is no more for sounds only!
> Version 5.0 has been released, which will change the landscape of
> inaccessible controls forever.
> Yes, you read it right.
> Read below for detailed description and download:
> Download Audex from:
> Donation version:
> Detailed description of this release:
> Version 5.0:
> Now, Audex is beyond only sounds!
> This release is a major release and brings a feature, which will
> change the landscape of inaccessible controls forever!
> Yes, Smart Labeling System!
> No more unlabeled buttons, EditBoxes, Dropdowns from next time!
> Now, Audex will automaticly label every unlabeled control via it's
> smart and inteligent algorithm.
> This feature will work without manual intervention and label every
> unlabeled control, no matter it's a button, EditBox, Dropdown or what
> so ever!
> This feature is named 'SLS' (Smart Labeling System) in short.
> If you use SLS along with talkback's manual labeling system, the
> accessibility will be drammaticly improved throughout the system and
> applications.
> SLS detects and creates the labels on many aspects and it's own algorithms.
> The accuracy rate may vary for application to application.
> SLS will suggest you the label smartly, and if you think that label
> text could be modified according to your needs, then you can just
> exclude that control from SLS system by clicking the top left button,
> and then label the control with talkback accordingly.
> If you've previously labeled some buttons via talkback and now
> talkback is not reading those label, it's reading SLS provided labels,
> then don't panic, just exclude that button from SLS by focusing to
> that button then clicking the top left button on the screen which will
> say: 'Exclude XXX button from SLS'.
> You can reinclude that button into SLS anytime by focusing that button
> and clicking on SLS button which is there on the top left of the
> screen.
> Whenever you focus any button where the smart labeling has been
> applied, Audex will play distinct sound for that control.
> Note: no algorithm on the earth is fullproof and 100% accurate, so,
> don't bash on me if the app doesn't work as intended.
> Many more Amazing and GroundBreaking features are on the way and coming soon

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