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Barb O'Connor

OK, Carlos. I did go to the Avast website and it will work with Vista. It said nothing about screen reader compatibility and it suggested Chrome as the browser but hopefully it would work with Firefox.
I'm not paranoid about computer using but, when you have had to re-build computers because nothing would repair the damage done by the FBI Virus, it does make me stop and think. I will work on this, however, and let you know what happens.
Thanks for your help and response.

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Why not try Avast?
They have a free version and it still supports Vista.  Also, keep in mind that while it is good to be cautious, there is such a thing as being too paranoid.  There is no reason why downloading from known/secure sites such as BARD and Bookshare should generally be dangerous.
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Subject: [TechTalk] Antivirus Program Concerns.

I'm going to propose my problem again and hopefully someone will have an answer for me.
As many of you know, I am still stuck with Windows Vista Home but have at least upgraded to Firefox and NVDA rather than using IE8 and JAWS11. As support ended for Vista on April 11, I can no longer use MSSE for my virus protection. People have steered me towards sophos home and I have checked on the website and it looks like you have to have Windows7, at least.
Is there nothing out there for me? Am I going to have to take the chance and run my computer unprotected? I've had a couple of issues, when protected, so the thought of not having something that will work is really quite scary. I don't think it would be worth it to call the Microsoft support number because they're just going to tell me to upgrade. I can't, right now.
There are certain things I would like to continue doing, such as downloading from BARD and Bookshare but not even sure I should do that.
It is my understanding that I can use Norton from Comcast, my ISP. I know that it not all that accessible and I know that it is a memory hog and some have told me not to use it at all. Wouldn't it be better than nothing if it will still work on Vista?
I'm grasping at straws fold, and, even though Microsoft gave all sorts of warning about the end of support, it came up entirely too fast for me. Money is the biggest issue here as you know.
Thanks for reading.

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