question how to record audio book tapes to mp3 using eather goldwave or mp3 derect cut.

Mich Verrier

hello all. I have a few audio books on tape that I want to digitise using eather goldwave or mp3 derect cut. my questions is how to do this using these programs? I have the stuff as far as the cables and a tape deck and a pc. my dell laptop has only one jack and my hp lap top has 2. one is for the speekers and the other is a hed phone jack. I did this years ago using goldwave and a xp pc and it had a jack at the back where I pluggd one end of the cable in and another end in to the hedphone jack on my pc and the sound from the tape deck came out of the speekers. that is what I want to do this time except with my lap top. I also don’t want to have jaws or any other background noise get in the recordings. if some one has dun this and can send me step by step instructions that would be grait many thanks. from Mich.

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