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John Gregory <stratplayer@...>

Hi Carolyn,

Why imap? It's a lot more trouble than using pop, especially when using
something like Outlook.


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I have IMAP, not POP. So, I am assuming there would be a
difference in what I would need to do. Presently I do have
my Outlook set on HTML.

Bye for now,


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OK Carolyn,

The following takes the view that you have already set up
your Gmail email address and merely want to download email
via pop to your Outlook client:

1. Go to the gmail website and sign in;

2. Make sure you are in the 'basic html view' and not the
'standard' view, there is a link that takes you to the basic
html view and then once in basic view you can scroll down to
click on 'set basic html as default view';

3. Now press Control + Home to go to the top of the page,
press 'h' to go to 'Account Options' and then arrow down a
couple of times to 'Settings' and press Enter;

4. You will find yourself with some options, arrow down to
'pforwarding and opp/imap and press Enter;

5. Arrow down through the forwarding option until you get to
'Pop Download';

6. Press spacebar on 'enable pop' so that the radio button
is selected;

7. Select the option you want, i.e. 'Enable pop for all
mail', 'Enable pop for mail that arrives from now on', or
'Disable pop';

8. Arrow down to the combo box to choose how Gmail treats
mail on the web, best option is 'delete Gmail's copy';

9. Arrow down to 'Imap'options and select the 'disable imap'

10. Arrow down to 'Save Changes' button and press Enter.

OK, that is the web side of things done, are you OK setting
up the Outlook settings or would you like the correct


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Can anyone give me the steps to take to get my gmail to come
into Outlook?

Best from,


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