Some Of This Week's Top Tech Tidbits

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Here are some of this weeks top tech tidbits.
Top Tech Tidbits
2. This development could significantly enhance employment opportunities for the blind. There is said now to be an accessible screen-sharing alternative for the blind, and the iOS version may be even more accessible than the already-quite-accessible Windows version:
5. Microsoft Office Lens is a free alternative to the KNFB Reader on the iPhone for reading print:
6. The RNIB answers the question: "How does the Amazon Echo help people with a vision impairment?"
7. Here are five videos demonstrating the use of smartphone apps that Henshaws deems to be most useful in compensating for sight loss. The page also lets you sign up for their monthly email announcement list so you can learn about future offerings:
11 A. The APH Talking Typer Program now comes to the iPhone for $4.95:
16.) Victor Reader Stream Version 4.8 is available, bringing with it enhancements to the organization of voice notes, updated time synchronization, fixes and enhancements to NFB Newsline content, additional numeric text entry options and other fixes and improvements:

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