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o Appologies.

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Hi Jaffar,

While I respect your efforts, this is off topic for the list. Thanks for understanding.
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Hi all. On Good Friday and Easter Sunday, I had my very own musical performed at my church. I wrote the script, composed the sound tracks and wrote all the songs. One of the performers in my Musical, whose name in real life is Wai Yee, and who plays the character of Adela is visually impaired, and she acted and sung with credit with the rest of the sighted cast members. Briefly, this musical is a story of a young budding lady Journalist of the fictitious "Asia Minor News Network" in Rome during the years spanning the birth and ministry of our Lord Jesus, and her journey as she looks for his truth. For the Christians among you, I hope you enjoy it and find something in it to help in your faith and growth. For those of you who haven't yet embraced the faith, well, enjoy it anyway. Sorry for the cut in scene 1 as there was something wrong with the Sound board recording this video. Some of the language in the musical is spoken in our local vernacular, that is, Singaporean English. Still I hope those of you who listen to this presentation will enjoy. Thanks and cheers! the link is:

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