Re: Latest win10 upgrade

Christopher Hallsworth <challsworth2@...>


The only official ways to install Windows on a mac, as far as I know, is either via bootcamp or through virtualization software such as Vmware Fusion. So probably no for all these questions.

On 21 Apr 2017, at 03:21, Jaffar Sidek <> wrote:

Hi. I have a MacBook pro that I intend to install windows 10 on. However, I don't want to use Bootcamp. So, If i used the media creation tool to download and copy the necessary files on my usb stick, then plugged it into my mac's usb slot, can I achieve the following?

1. Hit right arrow key twice to get the usb boot disk.

2. Assuming that question 1 was answered successfully, can I then press enter+ctrl+windows keys to initiate setup and install windows this way?

3. or do I have to revert to the TWPE?

Thanks for any help or advise and cheers.

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