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Jeremy <icu8it2@...>

There's a number of different platforms you can run the server on, Windows, Linux, etc, but you'd need to also know how to manage those systems so you could install the server, set it up, whatever. You would also have to take into consideration that if you wanted to run it from your house, so perhaps the version for Windows, how much of an affect would it have on your internet's connection. You might only be able to host just a few users with your bandwidth, so that's where hosting it from something like a Linode or Digital ocean running Linux might work better.

Something else that might be even easier, even though you'd have to probably pay a small monthly charge for it would be using a service where they offer pre-configured TT servers. Here a ways back on list, someone else had asked about the same thing and I want to say that he actually found a service that he really liked.

I've never used a service like this, but I'd imagine that they take care of all the stuff like installing it, which is the part that sucks, and then let you take care of actually configuring the server. The configuration wizard for a tt server is accessible with NVDA, so that should be easy enough.

If I happen to run across the emails from him that he sent to me off list with the name of the service, I'll certainly send it your way.
Take care.

On 4/24/2017 2:34 PM, Shirley and Nitro wrote:
so i am wondering how it works if i want to run a team talk server and host my own chat rooms for groups that i run? does it cost to run a server?
and how do i go about setting it up?
i have team talk but its only the classic version.

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