Re: Android Accessibility Good Bad, or In between?

Josh Kennedy

I think talkback is just as good as jaws and narrator put together. especially when you combine talkback with the audex accessibility app and the audex accessibility apps smart labeling system.

On 4/25/2017 10:33 PM, Dave wrote:
This is subjective, so everyone using Talk Back may have their own
thoughts. But, how accessible are the various features and Apps in an
Android system?

Windows and Apple, both have Screen Readers, but depending upon where
you go in the operating system, or the Program, there are degrees of

MS Windows has Narrator, but when I use it, I find it to be limited in
what I have the ability to read.

Can any here comment upon the level of accessibility when using Talk

As good as Narrator, Better than Narrator? Good as JAWS, not as Good

I am looking to use this tablet to take notes and to send Emails.

I am assuming there is some sort of Word Processor a User can use. So,
does Talk Back red the Spell Checker and other features?

I am looking at a 10.5 Android Tablet, which sells for about $100. I
have already purchased a good Keyboard that has a slot for the Tablet to
be inserted.

I looked at some Tablet Carrying cases, and was stunned to see the
carrying cases cost almost as much as the Tablet.

I may stop by the local Second Hand store and see if they may have a
slim and sleek Brief Case, which ought to work well for a travel case
for the tablet and keyboard.
I take classes and am hoping to write notes and do some research on the

Email are a probability as well, but this too would depend upon how
well I can use the Editing tools inside the Email program.

This of course depends upon just how much Talk Back with read, and how
much I have control over what and when talk back speaks.

Comments are Welcome

Grumpy Dave

Dave <>

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