Re: Android Accessibility Good Bad, or In between?

Josh Kennedy

talkback could use some improvement in the office apps area. if you want office apps then maybe go for the RCA cambio windows10 detachable tablet with physical keyboard.

On 4/26/2017 3:44 PM, Gene wrote:
Again, you are speaking so broadly that there is no way to know much about how you use your device.  I infer that you don't do much word processing.  I'm not sure what to say about your comments about apps.  I'll let others comment if they have experience or comments about app accessibility or their results trying to get developers to make apps accessible. 
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Gene, I like skeptics!  And, since you don't use an Android device, I'm not
about to confuse or convince you to get one.  The controls you referenced
are no issues for me on my Shiny Android toy. 

I don't write in this space for purposes of impressing the wind!  I share
information based solely on personal experience whether it's by way of
experimentation, or by some other direct means.  I live and breathe Android!
If it weren't working for me, I won't be working on THROWING WINDOWS
overboard for Android. 

I will state here for the records that I DO NOT currently use any bluetooth
or physical keyboard of any kind with my Shiny Android toys!  I use the
touchscreen exclusively; I am getting work done, and, when I have issues
worth addressing, I write directly to the app developer in question and get
results.  I just sent a note to CoCard Merchant Services, the developer of
the CoCard Restaurant app; in my note, I am seeking to know why the app
changes my screen orientation from Portrait to Landscape.  I also visited
the issue of unlabeled buttons.  perhaps I'll read from this developer
within the next few hours, or, by the end of the week.  What's important for
me is that I can talk to the developer and get results!  And, if no results
are obtainable, I simply abandon the app and its developer and move on to
something else.

Since I began embracing technology and using it to make things a bit better
for me with regards to what I do, I've never had so much luck in reaching
developers until I wrapped my arms around the Android platform.  So, I can,
and I will, defend my platform to the best of my ability because it is
WORKING FOR ME as advertised. 

I don't pretend to be a guru at anything; I typically will hardly ever
recommend a particular platform over the other; but I'll discuss what I do
that's giving me achievable results!  I'll let iOS enthusiasts speak up,
but, as for me, Android rocks my boat and I'm sticking with it!

Denver, Colorado

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