Re: Android Accessibility Good Bad, or In between?

Josh Kennedy

nearby explorer costs $100 and i got it from the play store.

On 4/26/2017 4:19 PM, Carolyn Arnold wrote:
Did you get it from Play Store? How much was it?

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In between?

I use nearby explorer by american printing house for the
blind for my gps on my android devices.

On 4/26/2017 4:03 PM, Carolyn Arnold wrote:
Is Waze accessible? Or can we just go to Google Maps and
type in, say, Sage Brush Steak House, get in the car, and
would direct us there?

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In between?

Dave, if an Android tablet is your preference, please take
good look at the RCA Galileo Pro. It runs Android 6.0,
known in Android land as Marshmallow since we Androideans
like to keep dentists employed by eating too many candies,
<LOL>! When last I checked, about three days back, it
for $79.88 at Walmart; I don't know if this is online
purchase only!

Mr. Josh Kennedy is a real guru with respect to this
I ought to have grabbed one myself, let's just say I am a
tad lazy at doing it! Shame on me!

As I said in my first post on this subject, I use an
phone. I charge my phone once every two days. My phone
NEVER EVER turned off for any reason unless the battery
completely. At 15%, it alerts me to plug in for a charge;
have ignored this many, many times and have been able to
out more time out of it before recharging. For example, I
was leaving my store to go home on the bus; I got the 15%
charge your battery warning; I ignored it. Then I found a
radio station in Wellington, New Zealand and using my
bluetooth headset, I began listening to the station I
picked. The radio played until I got home, and my battery
was at this time down to 3%.
This has been my experience with my phone; I have just
everything you can think of turned on: Data, GPS, Skype,
WhatsApp, various open apps! May be I'm hopelessly lucky.

I don't know how long the RCA Galileo Pro will hold out
before issuing the CHARGE battery warning, but I'd wager
it'll be longer than two hours! Yes, you will be able to
use Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook in an
Android device. I have these installed on my phone and I
play ball with them now and then!

You asked:

"Some of you say that you read Books on the Android. Are
these the Amazon E Book format, or are you actually
book files from the NLS BARD library?"

yes sir, BARD Mobile is available for the Android
ePub books can be read in Android. I am able to open PDF
formatted books in Android and read to my heart's content.
And there are so many book reading apps to choose from.
Kindle books are read using the Kindle app.

You also asked:

"Do these less expensive Tablets have the ability to run

As long as there is enough space to park them in your
Android device, there's no reason why the GPS won't serve
its purpose. Here again there are quite a number of apps
choose from: Some are free, some cost several shiny
pennies! GetThere is a great GPS for the blind;
will also provide navigation. Just say: "Ok Google,
navigate to ..." where dot, dot, dot equals restaurant
place name, or a given address. Lazarillo is another GPS
app; Near Explorer sells for $99 if you want offline maps,
free if you have sufficient data and can always have
to the Internet. One great GPS app I can recommend for
wife is Waze! It is FREE, just go to the Playstore and
it. This app is crazy--it will even alert you when you
approaching a city camera, identify where the police may
hiding, and much more.

If there are no dexterity issues which could challenge the
learning curve a bit, I am willing to state that you won't
regret giving Android a test run.
By all means, grab the tablet, play with it, and see where
the chips fall.
You at least have 30 days to return it. But, several of
here will help you fall in love with Android, only don't
take her out for a late night date 'cause then we won't
a chance to keep dating her too, <LOL>!

Denver, Colorado

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