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Josh Kennedy

if you want a camera for knfb reader for windows, get the hover cam 5 cammmeeera just google search hover cam cameras.

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Hi Carlos,

I would really love to agree with you. I dislike both iOS
and Android for different reasons. There remain, though, things that are
easier to do with, or only possible on, iOS, just for example, than with a
windows machine. I have yet to see a decent GPS application for Windows
which costs less than $300. There are tons of GPS apps for the iDevices
which are both cheap and very usable. Working with Uber is difficult on
Windows, it is easier on iOS. iMessage and faceTime require either an
iDevice or a Mac, and it's worth keeping in mind that Macs are huge and
expensive. Hackintosh or mac via VM is not really a viable way of using
iMessage and FaceTime. KNFB reader is certainly available for Windows, but I
can't find a handheld camera with tilt sensing capability. If anyone knows
of one, I would love to hear about it. Again, for Americans, Bard is not
available for Windows, and probably will never be. Having said all that, and
despite the fact that Microsoft has turned themselves into spy central, I am
very pleased with the accessibility and capability of Windows recently. I
just wish the maker were better. I say all this in hope of a correction, I
would be absolutely overjoyed with a GPS program for Windows that is more
affordable than PC Maps, a hand-held tilt-sensing camera, etc.

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Of course it always comes down to preference, but for me personally, both
iOS and Android have lost what little appeal they ever had now that Windows
tablets have become common and affordable. As much as I dislike Windows 10,
I would still always choose a Windows 10 tablet over an Android tablet or an
iPad. As far as I'm concerned, neither Android or iOS can beat Windows in
terms of flexibility, accessibility, or the sheer amount of available
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Gene, I like skeptics! And, since you don't use an Android device,
I'm not about to confuse or convince you to get one. The controls you
referenced are no issues for me on my Shiny Android toy.

I don't write in this space for purposes of impressing the wind! I
share information based solely on personal experience whether it's by
way of experimentation, or by some other direct means. I live and
breathe Android!
If it weren't working for me, I won't be working on THROWING WINDOWS
overboard for Android.

I will state here for the records that I DO NOT currently use any
bluetooth or physical keyboard of any kind with my Shiny Android toys!
I use the touchscreen exclusively; I am getting work done, and, when I
have issues worth addressing, I write directly to the app developer in
question and get results. I just sent a note to CoCard Merchant
Services, the developer of the CoCard Restaurant app; in my note, I am
seeking to know why the app changes my screen orientation from
Portrait to Landscape. I also visited the issue of unlabeled buttons.
perhaps I'll read from this developer within the next few hours, or,
by the end of the week. What's important for me is that I can talk to
the developer and get results! And, if no results are obtainable, I
simply abandon the app and its developer and move on to something

Since I began embracing technology and using it to make things a bit
better for me with regards to what I do, I've never had so much luck
in reaching developers until I wrapped my arms around the Android
platform. So, I can, and I will, defend my platform to the best of my
ability because it is WORKING FOR ME as advertised.

I don't pretend to be a guru at anything; I typically will hardly ever
recommend a particular platform over the other; but I'll discuss what
I do that's giving me achievable results! I'll let iOS enthusiasts
speak up, but, as for me, Android rocks my boat and I'm sticking with it!

Denver, Colorado

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