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Dave, for a little more money, the RCA Cambio tablet running windows 10 with a detachable keyboard sounds like it might fit your needs. You can install NVDA, Jaws or Window Eyes and go to town. It would probably run the Jard program you are currently using so there would be very little learning curve and plenty of battery life for what you want to do.

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From: Dave
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Subject: [TechTalk] Thanks for the Android advice and Help

Hello again,

Hey, a sincere thank you to all who were generous with their advice,
Comments, and Observations concerning Android and Windows Tablets.

I am most familiar with MS Windows, and know next to nothing about
Android gear.

As I said, I have this Gift Card to Best Buy, so that pretty much limits
me going to Amazon or Walmart. I will be limited to the Tablets Best
Buy has on hand when I walk through their doors.

For $100 I am attempting to be realistic, and I figure the Tablet may be
slow, and not have much in the way of Storage space, or Computing power.
With that in mind, I'll check out the systems in my price range and see
what there may be in the way of choices.

I may come home with nothing, and I'll need to save up another $50 or
$75 to get something faster bigger better etc.

But, it does sound like a Tablet may give me the ability to type class
notes on something that has a longer Battery life.

I had no idea Microsoft had a version of MS Word for the Android!
Surprise! Surprise!

But, I just wanted to say Thank you for the advice and Help many of you
have offered and given.

Grumpy Dave

Dave <>

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