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hi John.
wow, it actually allowed me to read the site without scrolling! thanks so much!

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On 27/04/17 7:56 PM, John Gregory wrote:
Hi Rajmund,

Try installing Adblockplus


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Hi All,
First, sorry to repeat a topic, particularly one that has been repeated to
death, but unless you need it or are aware of it happening to you, at the
time, you don't pay attention to it.
This is exactly what's happening to me. Putting that aside, any ways to get
rid of the crapware load of adds right at the middle of pages, in most
cases, right at the middle of contents, please? Like, I'm reading something
about apple, then it will come up with some random rubbish, telling me how
they won't show the add again, etc, etc, but that, in my case, doesn't help.
Thanks much on this one, as always.
PS. Using firefox 52, I think it is.

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