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Both me and my wife messed around with the single tap option a little last night. I wanted her there so I could be a bit more accurate on if I was actually tapping the icon, tapping one close to it, some empty part of the display, or whatever and this is what we noticed.

Once I've enabled the single tap in tb's preferences, and go back to the homescreen, I can use the flick left and right gestures to move around as normal. Once I get to an item with this method however, unless I tap on that same icon that I moved to, it will either move focus to another icon if I tapped it, or nothing if I happen to tap in an empty section of the screen. If I use explore by touch to locate an icon though, the single tap seems to work consistently for activating it.

This did bring a question to mind though, so perhaps you or someone else with experience with talkback can answer it. I notice that when I attempt a tap or double tap and it does not work, talkback makes this tiny beep sound. I'm not sure on what all the different navigation sounds are supposed to indicate, but it's the same sound I get if I do a single tap in an empty part of the screen. I'll also note that I have updated my tb again, so it's the same navigation sounds that come on the latest one from the playstore, if that helps. If there is some sort of page or podcast that has the sounds listed and what they do, that would be neat too. haha
Take care.

On 4/27/2017 7:04 AM, Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc. wrote:
Well, I am not into double tapping; in Talkback, I changed stuff to single

In Android, once an icon has focus, you can tap anywhere on the screen to
launch it. Example, suppose I want to launch the E-Mail app; I find the
appropriate icon, here it announced by Talkback; then I lift my finger and
tap anywhere on the screen to launch it. Again, I only have to tap once to
launch an app once its icon has focus. There are of course those who prefer
the double tap, I'm not in that boat.

Not just based on what I have read, but more so on personal experience: A
light touch is all that's required when using Android device. The words
"light touch" do have dictionary definitions without a doubt. However, that
which constitutes a LIGHT TOUCH will be different for each person.

Now, how often do I use two fingers on my Android toy? I use these when
pulling down the Notification Panel, flipping from one home screen to
another, scrolling up and down, swiping from left to right to answer a
WhatsApp call, or, starting Talkback after having performed a factory reset.
Beyond these, all other gestures I perform with just one finger.

Presently, I have a touchscreen phone; however, as I prepare to set up a
POINT OF SALE system using Android, the time is more than ripe for me to
grab a tablet and begin the workout! I have, at various phone stores,
played with a number of tablets ranging in size from 8" through 11.5". I
like the Samsung line quite a bit; I think it's hardware, for my purposes,
has the best real estate for what I am trying to accomplish.

Denver, Colorado

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